Medical Identity Theft On the Rise

The number of identity theft victims increased 20% in the past year with an estimated 313,000 new cases of medical identity theft. HCPro HIPAA Update on Ponemon Institute’s 2013 Survey on Medical Identity Theft.

As a result the number of individuals who lost trust and confidence in their healthcare providers increased from 51% last year to 56%.

Two unexpected findings:

The majority (78%) of respondents said it is important to control their medical records, but they are not taking steps to do so, according to the report. However, more than half (56%) of respondents said they do not check their medical records to ensure their accuracy.

The report revealed that 30% of respondents allowed a family member to use their medical information to obtain treatment, healthcare products, or pharmaceuticals. The majority of respondents said they were the victims of theft because they shared medical information with someone (30%) or because a family member stole their medical information (28%).

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